Beck Family Recipes - Meats & Main Dishes

Angel Hair Pasta W/ Fresh Tomatoes - By Lyle and Eileen. Another family favorite. This is a quick and easy make-ahead dinner and is especially great in the summer.
Baked Southwest Sandwiches - by Nan Johnson
Barbecue Hamburgers - Family favorite--submitted by Johnsons (Best hamburgers they've ever tasted!)
Barbeque Meatballs - by Carole Beck - The sauce is delicious served over rice.
Basic Stir Fry - by Nan Johnson
Beff Brsiket - By Dave Gibson
Chicken Ala King - by Nan Johnson
Chicken Manicotti - by Nan Johnson
Chicken Rice Bake - by Nan Johnson
Chicken Salad - by Laurel Osmond - I love chicken salad and looked for a recipe for it forever. I finally found one somewhere and then modified it.
Chicken Tortilla Roll-ups - by Nan Johnson
Crispy Chicken - by Nan Johnson
Cuban Medianoche Sandwiches - By Lyle and Eileen. These "midnight" sandwiches from Cuba night were a huge hit. The kids often request them. I changed the recipe from 4 servings to 6, so the amounts are a little weird. It's a recipe where you don't have to be too precise! Actually, every person made their own personalized sandwich, so just get what your family likes. I think the key is the mayo/italian dressing sauce.
Curried Chicken A.K.A Rice with Special Sauce - By Laurel Osmond - I got this recipe from Laura Walker. My entire family loves this recipe and it is great reheated. It is very similar to Mother’s Chicken Divan.
Curry Beef Stir Fry - By Lyle and Eileen. Everyone knows Adam's feelings on the flavor of stir-fry--this one, however, is great--not the least bit like throw-up! Lyle's hands-down favorite!
Deadly Gyros w/ Cucumber Yogurt Sauce - Julie Gibson - Delicious Greek food!
Dry rub for steaks - by Dave Gibson - For grilling steaks
Fast Sloppy Joes - by Nan Johnson
French Dip Sandwiches - By Dave Gibson, Make in a crock pot for a delicious sandwich
Goulash - By Jules - My kids' absolute favorite meal!
Grilled Fajitas - by Nan Johnson
Grilled Lemon Chicken & Onions - by Jules -- this is a great summer meal
Grilled Turkey Tenderloin - By Julie Gibson -- Sometimes boneless turkey breasts are less expensive than chicken.
Hamburger Stroganoff - by Jules -- great with baked potatoes
Hero Sandwiches - by Nan Johnson (Ida Hardcastle recipe)
Honey Glazed Chicken - by Jean Lomax- From Taste of Home
Hot Chicken Salad - by Carole Beck
Hot Chicken Salad - by Nan Johnson
Lasagna - by Cari Orme - The house smells great when the sauce for this is simmering!
Lemon Chicken - by Nan Johnson
Lime Chicken - By Laurel Osmond – I got this recipe from Laura Walker. It is so easy and requires so few ingredients.
Marinated Sirloin Steak - by Cari Orme
Meatballs and Bow-Ties - by Nan Johnson
Meatloaf - by Carole Beck, submitted by Johnsons
Minute Sauerbrauten - By Lyle and Eileen. This is actually one of my dad's recipes, and one of Lyle's favorites. He feels it is essential to serve this with pickled red cabbage. Not for everyone--my kids don't like it, but it is a very interesting combination of flavors!
Parmesan Chicken - by Carole Beck - Tender & nicely seasoned
Pizza Bread - by Nan Johnson--Amazing! Better than pizza and very filling.
Pork and Green Chili Casserole - Julie Gibson- We use this as a burrito filling -- spicy and delicious!
Pork Chops with Scalloped Potatoes - By Julie Gibson - This is a great winter meal -- warm and satisfying!
Prawn Pasta - By Lyle and Eileen This is a really easy, very tasty recipe that we found online. The original recipe called for "dry hard cider", but we just used regular apple cider and it was great.
Puttanesca Sauce - By Lyle and Eileen. We made this for Italian night, and only chose the recipe because Puttanesca sauce is mentioned in "The Series of Unfortunate Events", and we thought Adam and Madeline would get a kick out of it. I am not a fish fan, but you really can't tell the anchovies are there. This is delicious!
Quick Quiche - by Nan Johnson
Red Chicken Enchiladas - By Lyle and Eileen. These are much more flavorful than the usual white-sauce chicken enchilada recipes. Really tasty.
Sausage Pie - by Nan Johnson
Sausage Rice Casserole - by Nan Johnson--Great Stand-by
Scrambled Egg Supper - by Nan Johnson
Shrimp Tacos with Fresh Tomato Salsa - by Lyle & Eileen--This is absolutely scumptious! And easy to boot!
Simple Cheese Souffle - by Nan Johnson--"Beef Rambu, Cheese Souffle, Pie and Pudding on Flambe!"
Sloppy Joes - by Tammy
Southwestern Chicken - by Laurel Osmond - Fast, easy, and good.
Spaghetti - by Carole Beck - Sauce can be used in spaghetti and lasagna
Spaghetti Pie - by Nan Johnson
Spicy Pork Tenderloin - by Nan Johnson
Stuffed Shells - by Nan Johnson--Steph's favorite birthday dinner.
Turkey Herb Rub - By Jules - Lyle calls every Thanksgiving to get this recipe.