Beck Family Recipes - Cakes, Cookies & Desserts

Amazing Coconut Pie (aka Magic Coconut Pie) - by Nan--A creamy, crustless pie
Apple Crisp - by Cari Orme - Makes many a late Sunday night appearance at our house.
Aunt Jerry's Chocolate Nut Cake - by Nan- This cake of Aunt Jerry's won a blue ribbon at the fair
Brownies - By Carole Beck
Busy Day Cake with Broiled Coconut Frosting - By Laurel Osmond – This is from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I make this when I want a little cake and I always have the ingredients on hand.
Caramel Popcorn Balls - by Jean Lomax- This is from the 42nd ward cook book. It is easy and one of my favorite treats.
Chewy Brownie Cookies - by Nan--These are amazing- a favorite of Tim and Nicole. Good for kayaking trips.
Chippy Blond Brownies - by Nan-family favorite
Chocolate Chip cookies - by Nan--This is also for Drew and Steph
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - by Carole Beck - A popular Christmas cookie at the Beck house
Chocolate Dipped Orange Cookies - by Nan--Which side is your favorite- the chocolately dipped side or the tangy orange option?
Chocolate Eclairs - by Nan-there is lots of extra filling so you might want to make 2 batches
Chocolate Kiss Thumbprint Cookies - by Nan--Look great on a Christmas plate.
Chocolate Marble Pound Cake - By Nan- This is worth every bit of effort !
Chocolate Nut Cookies - by Nan Johnson - Great with vanilla ice cream!
Chocolate Oatmeal Cake - By Nan Johnson--Extremely moist cake with a yummy coconut topping
Coconut-Cranberry Chews - by Cari Orme - One of my favorite Christmas cookies
Cookie Dough Brownies - by Jean Lomax- taken from Taste of Home, these brownies got me Jon
Family Favorite Cheesecake - By Laurel Osmond - I got this recipe from Taste of Home years ago. It is the best cheesecake I have ever had.
Fresh Peach Pie - By Jules -- the glaze can also be used as a waffle topping -- yummy!
Fudge - By Kali Baldwin
German Chocolate Cake Frosting - By Jules -- forget the cake! I could eat this frosting straight any day.
Golden Chocolate Cake - By Nan- good for star watching
Ida Hardcatles’ Chocolate Chip Cookies - by-Nan this recipe is from the college cookbook that Ida put together for Cari's Laurel class to take to college
Lemon Sheet Cake - by Nan Johnson - Extremely moist with a rich cream cheese frosting
Little Meringue Cookies - by Nan--They look crunchy but really are melt in your mouth.
M&M Oat Bars - by Nan Johnson
Macaroonies - by Carole Beck - Great Chrismas Cookie or good for Wedding Receptions or just good in general
Marbled Chocolate Bars - by Nan--You only live once- and these bars need to be a part of that experience.
Marshmallow Carmel Corn - by Kali Baldwin
Molasses Crinkles - Carole Beck
Monster Cookies - by Carole Beck- A classic. They really don't have flour.
Nan's Brownies - The ones with choc. chips, white choc. chips and nuts on half.
Oatmeal Cake - by Julie Gibson--entered by Cari--I love to eat this snack cake at Jules' house!
Oatmeal Cookies - by Nan-we are putting a lot of these in for Drew and Steph at college
Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies - by Carole Beck - A sweet treat (chocolate or PB) made on the stove
Oatmeal Spice Cookies - by Carole Beck
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars - By Laurel Osmond – I got this recipe from my friend Amber. It is so good and it makes so many that I can only make it if I am going to take them somewhere. Otherwise I would end up eating them all in one day.
Peanut Butter Cookies - by Carole Beck
Peanut Butter Crunchies - by Carole Beck--The chow mein noodle classic! Make with or without the maraschino cherries.
Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats - by Jules--These travel well and keep well. I often take them camping.
Pecan Pie - By Jules -- This is the reason I look forward to Thanksgiving! So Good!
Pecan Pie Bars - By Nan, Submitted by Laurel.
Pensey Spices Buttercream Frosting - By Laurel Osmond - This frosting is so light and tasty that I am always tempted to eat the icing and forget the cake.
Picnic Cupcakes - By Jean Lomax- These are generally well received and you don't need frosting.
Popcorn Snacks - by Nan--Salty and sweet, what a treat!
Pumpkin Cake Roll - by Cari Orme - I often serve this at Thanksgiving in place of a pumpkin pie
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies - By Nan (I Think) entered by Jean
Pumpkin Pound Cake - By Lyle and Eileen. This is Madeline's all-time favorite! She's even asked for this for her birthday cake! It smells so great when it's cooking! We usually slice it and eat it more like a quick bread rather than cake. We rarely put the powdered sugar on top.
Pumpkin Sheet Cake - by Nan--Good for Halloween
Raspberry Sheet Cake - By Kali Baldwin
Red, White, and Blue Berry Pie - By Nan- A 4th of July tradition
Snickerdoodles - by Nan- the old classic
Spiced Nuts - by Julie Gibson - Nice addition to any Christmas goody bag
Strawberry Cake - by Tammy This recipe from Family Fun is very similiar to a delicious cake that I tried at a nice restaurant and so much cheaper!
Strawberry Topping Cake - by Cari Orme - A pretty and delicious dessert for special occasions
Texas Sheet Cake - by Carole Beck - A constant at Beck family functions
Toffee - by Kali Baldwin - Great Christmas treat!
Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies - Good old classics
Very Berry Trifle - By Lyle and Eileen. This is our favorite summer dessert. We cut the recipe out of a magazine probably 12 years ago and it's very crumpled and stained--well-used! This dessert also looks great in the bowl so we've taken it to church potlucks and it always goes fast.
Zucchini Carmel Cupcakes - by Nan--People get angry when you leave zucchini on their front porch, but when properly disguised in these cupcakes, your gift will be more warmly accepted.