Beck Family Recipes - Beverages, Microwave & Miscellaneous

Granola - By Jules -- This isn't the granola that Granny makes now but it's the one Hugh used to like.
Hot Almond Drink - By Julie Gibson - Christmas breakfast wouldn't be the same without it.
Hot Spiced Lemonade - By Julie Gibson - This is very soothing to a sore throat!
Orange Julius - Julie Gibson -- great way to start the day!
Party Punch - by Tammy-We like to serve this at our neighborhood Christmas party
Peanut Butter Candy / Playdough - by Carole Beck - Great for entertaining kids
Powdered Cocoa Mix - By Laurel Osmond -This is a great way to make instant hot chocolate super good.
Strawberry Smoothie - Julie Gibson -- quick and refreshing
Streusel Topping - by Laurel Osmond from Amber Linderman - I love to give my muffins a little something extra and it took me forever to find a good streusel topping so I thought I would pass it on.
Tropical Slush - by Cari Orme - Great for parties/BBQ's, I served this at a Survivor finale party