Clives recipes - Meats & Main Dishes

Barbeque Meatballs - by Carole Beck - The sauce is delicious served over rice.
Beef Burritos - by Linda Forsmann
Buffalo wings - Award winning buffalo wings
Clive's ribs - Best Ribs Ever. Not actually made from Clive's ribs but delicious nontheless.
Crockpot Roast - by Roy Otteson--Yum!
Lime Chicken - By Laurel Osmond – I got this recipe from Laura Walker. It is so easy and requires so few ingredients.
Michelle's BBQ pulled pork - This recipe is NO THANKS TO TRENT MY BROTHER WHO WOULDN'T EVER GET IT FOR ME. fooey
Parmesan Chicken - by Carole Beck - Tender & nicely seasoned
Parmesan Spam - mmmm...parmesan spam.
Pedro's Delight - By Roy Otteson-- this recipe comes from Beth's Pasadena Cookbook
Pigs in a Blanket - Hot dogs, wrapped in melted cheese and tucked into browned biscuits (if that ain't a S.E. I don't know what is)
Rich N Cheesy Macaroni - Trisha Gray homemeade mac n cheese that is amazing!!!!
Ritz Chicken - One of James' favorite
spare ribs - Not moms
Sweet & Sour Chicken - Jennifer May (Dad's)
Sweet & Sour Chicken - Jolene's recipe (from Roy Seminary)Yum!
Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs - by Kami Bostron
Turkey (Crock Pot) - Easy, tender turkey with leftovers to freeze
World's Best Shepherd's Pie - This recipe was stolen from Family Fun Magazine. Don't let the length of the instructions deter you from making this. It truly is the worlds best!!!