Duvall Ward Cookbook - Vegetables

Baked Beans - by Ann Haws
Best Baked Beans - by Mindy Stillion
Black Beans - by Ann Haws
Brazilian Beans and Rice - by Meriaten Long
Butternut Squash Risotto - by Melanie Pocock
Cheesy Potatoes - by Tricia Uhlberg--My family calls them Funeral Potatoes :)
Herbed Basmati Rice - by Keri Smith - from Cooking Light. So easy and goes great with almost anything.
Make Ahead Cheese Potatoes - By Roy -- I usually serve this with the cheese and mushroom meatloaf.
Mexian Black Beans With Rice - by Lori Casper
Potato Gratin - by Barbara Gessel-- from Martha Stewart recipes
Sweet Potato Casserole - by Lucy Linn McKie--for those who hate Sweet Potatoes.