Duvall Ward Cookbook - Breads, Rolls & Pastries

Almond Bread - by Cari Orme
Apple Puff Pancake - by Nancy Eastwood
Banana Bread - by Kim Ralph
Banana Bread - by Lori Casper
Banana Bread - by Suzette Jenkins
Blueberry Bread - by Lori Casper
Bread Sticks - by Jennifer May
Brown Sugar Muffins - by Kari Cullimore
Buttermilk Pancakes - by Suzette Jenkins
Butterscotch Pull-a-part rolls - by Kami Bostron
Cardamom-Prune Drop Scones - by Linda Forsmann
Coconut Bread - by Dorothy Breinholt
Danish Pancakes - by Lisa Sharp
Dinner Rolls - Jennifer May
Easiest Wheat Bread - given to Roy Otteson from Tiernae Buttars--this is the so easy-- anyone can make this wheat bread!
Easy Bread Sticks - by Krissy Bean
Extra Light Whole Wheat Bread - by Mindy Stillion--My Mom’s recipe, again. The White flour and rising twice gives it quite a light taste, not your typical Whole Wheat Bread!
Good Pancakes - by Dorothy Breinholt
Kathy's Blueberry Buckle - by Amy Frampton--A version of this recipe was originally found in Betty Crocker's ©1969 cookbook.
Lemon Muffins - by Lori Casper
Lisa's Baked French Toast - by Lisa Sharp
Mexican Cornbread - by Mindy Stillion
Pappy’s Pancakes - by Mindy Stillion--We like our pancakes thin, more like crepes.
Pecan Pull-Aparts - by Cari Lee
Pumpkin Bread - By Roy Otteson--You can serve this plain or with cream cheese frosting yum!
Refrigerator Rolls - by Mindy Stillion--This was my mom’s recipe for everything – she’d mix up a double batch and put it in the fridge, then during the week she’d take what she needed for dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, even Pizza Crust! The dough will keep up to a week covered in the Fridge.
Zucchini Bread - Shauna Cardon