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Cookbook Issang Kusinera - A Domestic Diva and Kitchen Goddess... or a even a glamourised Chiminiaa.. hehehe (joke) otherwise known as ISSANG KUSINERA. This is an online diary/recipe journal of the adventures and misadventures of this novice cook. These are simple yet super yummy pinoy recipes that I prepare on a regular basis. Enjoy!
Recipes: 22
Cookbook Jaimie's Kitchen - Some healthful; some not; all delicious!
Recipes: 0
Cookbook Scott's - recipes
Recipes: 1
Cookbook Katy Cookbook - Very delicious recipes
Recipes: 0
Cookbook Favorites - Please add any of your favorite recipes to my cookbook for everyone to share.
Recipes: 1
Cookbook Betsy's Cookbook - This is a collection of recipes from my friends and family.
Recipes: 37
Cookbook Sherrie's Cookbook - This cookbook includes a variety of recipes that have been requested by friends on FB.
Recipes: 9
Cookbook Angi's Cookbook - Some of my favorite recipes
Recipes: 9
Cookbook Sherry's Favorites - Some of my favorites collected over the years from friends and family
Recipes: 39
Cookbook Dana's Dishes - A collection of my family's favorites! Nothing light or diet about my cooking--just good 'ol soul-food! I love to cook just and will attempt just about anything! Enjoy browsing! Bon Appetite!
Recipes: 2
Cookbook Gina's Family Favorites - Recipes from friends and family.
Recipes: 6
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